The Bid

Where is the club today?

  • The club has had little success in recent years, the occasional cup run , but in the main consistently fighting relegation, a fight which was finally lost this season.
  • Huge turnover in Managers and Players, creating a lack of spirit, togetherness and positivity, along with a lack of consistency on the pitch, and an inability, due to reputation, of attracting better quality players.
  • A disenchanted fan base which has dwindled season on season, and a town which has lost interest in a club which should be its focal point.
  • A crumbling ground, in dire need of updating, or even, dare I say it, a new ground.
  • A lack of sufficient engagement with the local population, and insufficient commercial activity with local businesses.
  • A lack of facilities to attract commercial customers, and inadequate facilities to attract more paying supporters, including visiting supporters.
  • Absolutely no communication at any level with fans or the trust, and in effect a ‘closed shop’ approach to something which should be shared with the community.
  • This is a club at a crossroads, it can choose to continue along its current path of demise, or take a more positive path, and attempt to create something special.

First Steps

  • Acquire majority shareholding in the club, either by way of share acquisition, or ‘share gifting’ from current shareholders.
  • Appoint a board , consisting of Nigel Allen as Chairman , Phil Hodgkinson as CEO , Liam Watson as Director of Football , along with a member of Trust in Yellow and also a Fan.
  • Playing budget commensurate with teams at the top of NLN, 42 week terms, enhancements for success and promotion.
  • Sign squad of 19 permanent players, capable of performing in the division above, on 2 year deals, with 20% enhancement in Year 2 if promotion achieved.
  • Appoint a Manager on a 2 year deal, on the same terms.
  • Engage Kit Manufacturer on 2 year deal. Puma / Macron both engaged.
  • Arrange pre-season, friendlies and training regime.
  • Season tickets £99 Adult, £79 Senior, £29 Junior, £199 family of four, target 500 ST holders.
  • Increase commercial activity and sponsorship initiatives.
  • Generate positivity around the club in local and national press, radio, television, encourage involvement, and make clear that the new regime is one of positivity, inclusion and fun, along with significant ambition.

Short Term Goals

  • Engage fully and immediately with the town and fans, and create a positive buzz about the club.
  • Put in place a formal root and branch review of the whole club from top to bottom, and make recommendations , then implement them in a uniform and professional manner.
  • Provide stability both financially and from a playing staff and management perspective.
  • Produce a team worth watching.
  • Set realistic targets and goals, compete, play compelling, watchable football, make no promises.
  • Target promotion, but don’t talk about it.
  • Create a togetherness on and off the pitch.
  • Bring the pride and fun back to Southport FC.
  • Become a focal point for the town.
  • Encourage young supporters and families to join our existing loyal fan base , and also disenchanted supporters to return.
  • Get all squad business completed by the end of May.
  • Pre season bonding trip with games and engage players and supporters collectively in this.
  • Upgrade and modernise the website.
  • Become credible locally.

Medium Term Goals

  • Engage with the council and explore the sale of Haig Avenue and the proposed new site at Meols Cop.
  • If the new ground is not an option, prepare a 3 year plan to upgrade the ground and facilities at Haig Avenue.
  • Look at improving and producing our own training facilities, in keeping with league football.
  • Implement a business plan, with a view to having the club break even within 3 years.
  • Develop commercial partnerships and partnerships within the football family.
  • Improve our scouting network and develop young local talent.
  • Become a club which gets first refusal on players departing Premier League academies.
  • Move to full time within 3 years.

Long Term Goals

  • New Stadium.
  • A formal Academy.
  • Fan base equivalent to 5% of local population.
  • Nationwide reputation for doing things the right way.
  • A club that attracts players.
  • To be a blueprint for other clubs who are in the same position that we are today.
  • To be fully self sustainable financially, so that board investment becomes for growth rather than to keep going, and also ensure the club is never again reliant on one individual.
  • Facilities which are the envy of the area, corporate friendly, fan friendly and community friendly.
  • To be in the football league (but we don’t talk about it) shhhhhh.


  • Having run the numbers, we believe an Initial investment of £200k + will allow us to provide a team capable of competing at the top of National League North, with further investment throughout the season as required.
  • We can improve income through higher season ticket sales and gate receipts.
  • Probability of more away fan gate receipts as more local clubs, may consider roof on away end.
  • Savings can be made in expenditure within the club which is unnecessary.
  • More sponsorship and commercial revenue can be obtained under a new regime.
  • We have other parties interested in investment if we have a majority shareholding and controlling interest, should we be able to accelerate the plan.
  • The level of investment required to grow the club and develop it, is not of concern to us, we expect to be investing up to £2M in the first 3 seasons.
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